Teams 2016-2017

Mens A Team:

Our mens A team Finished TOP of Division 1.


Mens B Team:

Our mens B team Finished 7th in Division 1.


Mens C Team:

Our mens C team Finished Bottom of Divison 1.


Mens D Team:

Our mens D team Finished 1st in Div 4 and are promoted.


Mens E Team:

Our mens E team Finished 3rd in Division 4.


Mixed A Team:

Our A team mixed Finised TOP of Division 1 unbeaten all year.


Mixed B Team:

Our mixed B team Finished 5th in division 2.


Mixed C Team:

Our mixed C team Finished 5th in division 3.


Ladies team to be entered next season 2017-2018




Men's and Mixed teams:

We are still looking for players in the Mixed teams and the Men's teams.